Friday, January 8, 2010

My take on Dulha Mil Gaya..

For all my aesthetics, I still have to learn how to approach the 'true-blue' Family entertainers of Hindi Cinema. I feel 'Masala entertainers' are the toughest genre for a film critic, for even a no-brainer entertainer has to have a tone which is not so easy to keep.

In last one year or so, I've observed that no film is bore enough for me. I end up enjoying every movie of this genre more or less, and then come back home only to find Critics ripping i
t apart as well as a major part of the 'masses'. (Examples in case - Life Partner, Kal Kissne Dekha, Ek - the Power of One)
And I wonder what it takes to make an entertaining movie!!

Dulha Mil Gaya is one such throw-back to the 90s Bollywood with a particularly old-fashioned look and old-fashioned everything. There are cliches about Punjabi homes, Rich and spoilt N.R.I Brats, haughty models, Gay butlersand pretty much everything else!

And Yet, You don't mind it because they are smooth-sailing and never too heavy on your br
ains. And Dulha Mil Gaya doesn't aspire for anything higher either. Infact, its only better if such movies engage your heart. Like here where You start empathising with Samarpreet (a competent Ishita Sharma) But brains is what such movies should never aspire for, And Dulha Mil Gaya doesn't do that that either.

Atleast till 1st half.

(Minor SPOILERS ahead)

One of the characters turns grey 'coz of his hurt ego and in turn acts like a villain (for 10 minutes atleast!) And the film goes out of focus for a while. but thats not the problem.

The problem is, We are forced to think in a movie thats already not entertaining enough.

Shah Rukh finally makes an entry post-interval and tries to liven up the proceedings, and succeeds to some extent - for his character too is the 'goody-goody' sorts. But the film is only mildly enjoyable, not a thorough entertainer. A few laughs is all One can guarantee you out of this (where I must say the director has used his Background music very well)

But otherwise, its a just-passable potpourri of Comedy, drama, Song n dance (and Indian values, but of course!) that I didn't mind watching but didn't have a very great time either.

Among other notes, Sushmita Sen finally got a role she could boast of (what better than a chance to play a attitude-type Hi-fi Model!!), and She was pretty hilarious here!
And Fardeen... well.. lets just say He didn't screw it up. Life Partner, All the Best and now Dulha Mil Gaya - seems like He finally figured out where he can end up just fine. Good for him.

And yeah, watch out for the final embrace of the leading couple in the climax. In a family film like this, That was quite... 'Odd'. Like the better part of the film itself.

Rating - M.Y.P. (Mediocre yet Passable)


  1. We share the same feeling,,, I also don't get bored in any film,,,

    About the film,,, I just wanted to know How big a role does SRK play? I heard it was about 50 minutes,,, is that true???

  2. He is hardly there for 15-20 minutes.. But he does have a few good light-hearted moments and an enjoyable song to his credit.. :)

  3. Oh! Going tonight for the film with zero expectations! :)