Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pyar Impossible (Indeed!) review

It’s so very nice of our films to bring up new concepts every once in a while (so what if they only end up screwing half of them up!)

Pyar Impossible was one such movie which promised to present to us a love story of a Beauty and a Geek, and that’s the precise reason I had been waiting for this one.

No wonder it disappointed me so badly!

Apart from good sense of aesthetics, every film needs to engage your heart first.

PI was so adamant about being simple and non-fussy, it just had to have good writing at its base. Sadly, PI is never taut enough to keep you hooked.

Sure, the voice-over occasionally does good things for the narrative. The humour too works at times, but these are just minor bargains.

First things first First - Pyar Impossible never worked for me as a 'Love Story. Despite the

well shot 'Alisha', I could never root for the geek protagonist the way we usually do in the underdog love stories. Uday manages to bring certain sweetness to his role, but that was never enough to make up for his poor writing.

What turned me off the most was (SPOILERS AHEAD) how conveniently the film shifted its tone from a feel-good Rom-com to a 'What-will-happen-now' drama about a Geek overcoming his shortcomings. And when the director tries to mix these 2 genres, the outcome is miserably poor.

So what we eventually get are minor set-pieces - like the scene with a character hiding his identity (funny, but a bit long) a long filmi-conversation between the supposed 'Hero & villain' and some cool music videos... all of them trying to entertain us individually but never coming together well enough.

When the film finally comes to its point, we are well into the latter portions of 2nd half. Yet those scenes work - for the performances put by the lead pair in those very scenes. Esp. the title track (which captures the mood of the film perfectly and shows us what the film 'could be' like)

But thanks to some contrived writing (thrust a misunderstanding for some drama, only to predictably clear it in the climax), We are left with a bad aftertaste while walking out.

Priyanka Chopra overacts big-time and fails to get away with it. I was surprised how the writer overlooked the need to throw some light on her character's Past, considering we were asked to 'feel' for her. The best parts of the film eventually are the scenes with Uday and the child actor - they are endearing and bring a smile to your face.

Eventually, it’s really quite impossible to feel any 'Pyar' for this film.

Rating - Mediocre! (At Your Own Risk)

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  1. Well the movie was one time watch for my expectations were ZERO for it...:) :)

    I wish a good director would had attempted this theme and would had done justice to it/...