Friday, January 15, 2010

Chance pe Dance

if 2 films are enough to judgment a film-maker's tempramental, Ken Ghosh has been one unsual director. Ishq Vishq was one of the very few Kuch Kuch Hota Hai clowns that actually worked in those days. He could have made another Ishq Vishq but he went on to make Fida, which displayed his flare for unpredictability and risk-taking.

You, therefore, are not surprised when the romantic track in Chance pe Dance takes its own sweet time to build up. The characters don't fall for each other instantly. Infact, Its only in the 2nd half when Sameer (played decently enough by Shahid Kapoor) finally musters up the courage to say those 3 words to her co-league friend Tina (Genelia).

everywhere else though, the Writers fail Ken Ghosh pretty badly here, as he struggles to make a charming movie made on a script almost non-existent.

I was never expecting a totally unpredictable story. But When You are going for a concept narrated some 1000-odd times already, You NEED to have a script that makes you forget its biggest drawback.

Chance pe Dance does try to make amends for its cliched story in its own different way. It goes in many directions, with a motive to keep you hooked atleast, if not entertained. Be it the Vikas Bhalla sub-plot (A friend who back-stabs), the Over-the-top Mohnish Behl angle or capturing Shahid's stint as a dance teacher at a school with students who apparently have 2 left feet.

In the first half, the script-writers just seem to go through the motions with no particular try at making us invest in the characters emotionally. So There's a good chuckle once in a while, an enjoyable Shahid at physical comedy I don't remember him doing recently.. and then there are the most-anticipated Dance Numbers - not Electrifying exactly but still eye-catching enough.

Its only in the 2nd half where all the lack of effort and heart in making this one unravels - Everything done in the 1st half seems so pointless that You're no longer interested in the movie and its protagonist's dreams.

Shahid helps the kid overcome their fear for dancing, but how does it help his own self?? His friend ditches him so badly, terming him as a Loser – how does that affect him? Why make a character seem a totally blackish guy, if he has to ultimately help the guy win?? And the whole father angle – its so mediocre, You gotta check it out for yourself.

I understand this is a regular hindi movie afterall. But Here’s something I’ve learned after watching Chance pe Dance. –

"Even in a commercial centertainer (and I am NOT referring to the out and out no-brainer comedies We are served now-a-days).. Everything You write, Everything You show on screen – Has to have some relevance to the on-goings atleast. Even if it gives a slight shape to a character. It has to *DO* something to the film. Otherwise, Its just a pointless attempt at actually *Making a film*"

Just like Chance pe Dance itself – Enjoyable in parts, but pointless never-the-less.

Rating – N.E. (Not Enjoyable)

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