Saturday, January 30, 2010

RGV'S Back! :Rann

Okay, so cheer up RGV fans! (not so loudly though). The man has finally realized there's a vast audience outside his factory too who watches his films. So offering a backseat to his self-indulgence, Varma has finally catered to the audience.

And the resulting Product is 'Rann'

Agreed, the bizarre camerawork still exists (zoom in and then a quick zoom out before you can actually say 'zoom in'). Same for the shadowy images and dialogue that's more of socio-philosophical arguments.
Yet, Rann is a film that is enjoyable on a general level too. You don't really need to be a RGV fanatic to like this one (though it will only help if you are one).

Before you get me wrong, Rann is not a perfect movie, neither on script level nor by execution. But it keeps you pretty much hooked. You ARE reminded of certain films at times (Madhur Bhandarkar’s sagas mostly besides his Sarkar movies) but then finally, this film manages to stand on its own.

I must say it couldn’t weave the story too well around its theme (like LUCK BY CHANCE did so beautifully).
But maybe I am just trying to nitpick because, you know, I am not really supposed to go ballistic praising a RGV film. He just can’t make such films anymore, many think after all.
But for those who loved the Sarkar movies, this should be quite a treat too.

Personally speaking, I was not so happy with the final 20 minutes. The content was predictable, so I expected better direction there.

Emotionally too, It kept me at a hand's distance. But then, when has a RGV film made me invest emotionally in its characters after Satya?

I guess I should just be content by thinking RGV has made that’s at least as good as the Sarkar series (though I know its nowhere near his true capability)

Generally while praising a movie, We usually end up saying 'All performances are great'. But here, it almost stands accurate. ALL THE PERFORMANCES are genuinely impressive, except for Kannada Super-star Sudeep who quite messed it up despite being assigned the role of Big B's son. Sad!

Otherwise Reteish Deshmukh proves he is a sincere actor now. His under-stated approach to this role worked just right.

Among the others, I was really stunned by how well Mohnish Behl performed. Hammy it may be called, but I loved it! Paresh Rawal and Rajat Kapoor had their (truly!) sparkling moments. BIG B of course had the climax

Go watch it, guys! Its a film from RGV finally after eons, not some home-video meant for his personal viewing accidentally leaked out.

Rating - (P.E.) Pretty Enjoyable!

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